Privately Funded Cases

At Darton Law we aim to provide and high quality and accessible legal service provider.  The law is complicated and to you, our clients, a great deal is at stake.

We will give you the following assurances:

1)      We will only incur costs or fees on your behalf or at your expense with your consent.

2)      We also have legal aid contracts in Family and Criminal Law.  If you believe you qualify for this funding, please let us know.

3)      Some services we offer can be paid for using legal expenses insurance or “Conditional Fee/No-Win-No-Fee” agreements. This will depend on your personal circumstances and we will be happy to evaluate and to you as required.

You can find more detail regarding our pricing and charging rates on the following pages:

Our prices:

          Property Transactions

          Motoring Offences (Summary Only)


If you have any queries about our fees, your legal position, or both please Contact Us.

If you are not eligible for legal aid, our team of solicitors and advocates can assist you and prepare your case on a private basis.

Please contact us to discuss our competitive rates and flexible methods of payment. In the event that your case is successfully defended, it may be possible to recover some or all of your costs from the Court or the other party. We would prepare this application on your behalf and lodge it with the appropriate Court.

Fixed Fee Services

We can often be in a position to offer you a fixed fee which means you know where you stand on legal costs.

Legal Aid

Police Station

If you are arrested and find yourself in a Police Station, you are automatically entitled to free and independent legal advice. This also applies if you are interviewed by appointment with the Police (under caution), UK Border Agency (formerly Customs and Excise) or the Benefits Agencies. We provide all our clients a first class service and help you through the interview process and beyond, if necessary.

Legal Aid in Criminal Proceedings only

This firm contracts with the Legal Services Commission and provides Legal aid  for representation in the Magistrates Court and the Crown Court. You must apply for legal aid and submit this to the legal aid agency. Two tests will be applied, both of which must be passed to get free legal assistance:

  • the Interests of Justice test considers the ‘merits’ of the case which can include your previous convictions, nature of offence and risk of custody.
  • the means test considers your financial position which includes household income, capital, and household outgoings. This test will determine whether you will be liable for any of the defence costs.

If you need assistance to make applications for legal aid please contact us and we will advise you in relation to whether you are eligible and how to make the application.


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  • The service was very approachable and friendly. I was kept informed at every stage of the proceedings. Very impressed with the professional service of the partnership which lead to a very satisfactory outcome.Mr W, Stanwell
  • I was able to contact at any time and always given a response. I knew what happening with my case every step of the way. I was totally impressed with the whole service provided by Darren and his colleagues and he also took the time to explain things to my family. Myself and my family could not be happier – not a single bad thing to say.Miss H, Uxbridge
  • It was made very easy for me to understand. I now understand the hard work and time which was put into preparing the defence for my case, it was brilliant.Mr P, West Molesey
  • Outstanding I was very happy with the firm.Mr F.
  • The service was very approachable and sensitive and more than satisfactory.Mrs A, Croydon
  • Thank you to all the team at Darton Law – you gave me my life back.Mrs R,Shepperton